ABI Module

State of the art  Windows based Graphical User Interface designed to optimize and to have a full control of Importations and Exportations in the USA.

The ABI provides the advance technology you need to meet today's challenges and help you to expand the range of services you offer, move shipments from customs faster na you can better manage operations and better services by utilizing the automation of Customer Profile, entry defaults, built-in intelligence program to ensure full compliance with Customs requirements and extensive data validations to ensure the accuracy of data sent to Customs by reducing the time to process information.

The ABISuite has the capability to produce the 3461ALT, 3461A, QP, ACE QP, ACE QX, CF7512, CF7501, ACE Entry, Emanifests, ISF, Statements, ACH, Drawback, Warehouse Entries, Delivery Order, GO, Bill of Lading, AGR, Carrier Certificate, Electronic FDA, File Labels, Harmonized Tariff, PAPS, C-4, AMS, Brass, Traffic File, Blue Letter, Barcode, Proforma Invoice, Prior Notice, Immediate Delivery, Flags, POA, MID, Notice of Arrival, Invoice and Releated Documents, Automated Invoice Interface, Integrated Billing and Warehouse compatibility, CF214, CF216, EDI Capabilities and many more features.