InBond Module

 The Electronic In-Bond program allows anyone to create a Customs form CF-7512 with the added benefit of electronically transmitting the information to CBP. Custom brokers, freight forwarders, truck lines, railroads, importers, foreign trade zone operators and more can take advantage of this expedited method of creating CF-7512.

A high percentage of cargo that arrives from foreign sources needs to transit to our country via "In-bond". Cargo may be crossing into our country with an ultimate foreign destination. Cargo could be moved across our borders with an ultimate destination of a U.S. Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ). Cargo may be transporting its first U.S. port of entry for an ultimate U.S. interior destination where formal Customs clearance procedures will be peformed. All of these scenarios require the utilization of the Customs' Form 7512 otherwise known as an In-Bond or In-Transit process.



  • Transmit electronic In-Bonds to CBP; IE, IT, T&E, WDIT, WDIE, WDTE
  • Arrive/Export QP In-Bond shipments at destination
  • QX QP Air Transmission (Air Shipments)
  • Arrival/Export WX QP Air
  • Receive electronic departure authorizations
  • Transfer bond liability to reflect who is carrying the freight
  • Receive electronic Customs releases & status email messages
  • Nominate Secondary Notify Parties to send & receive shipment status
  • Receive warnings when In-Bonds have not been arrived
  • Protect yourself from Penalties for unresolved In-Bonds
  • Self print CF-7512's
  • Find, edit, and re-submit any rejected transactions immediately
  • Query ACE for In-Bond status by Bill of Lading, ocean, or air way bill.