Automated Export System (AES)

 The AES Software is your connection to U.S. Customs in the Exporting field. With this software, you can easily prepare standard export documents and transmit the data electronically to U.S. Customs. The Automated Export System (AES) contains many special features to make it simple when entering data, printing documents, elaborating reports, and transmitting/receiving specific information from CBP.

It hereby puts an end to the time-consuming, paper-demanding procedures that slow down the trade process, while increasing the export data speed and accuracy.


  • AES Form: Shipper's Export Declaration, Automatic Validations
  • Confirmation of Fatal Error Messages
  • AES Invoice Proforma with barcodes
  • Harmonized Tariff Interface/Schedule B Interface
  • Line Items and Multiple Reports
  • AES ID File: stores HTS information per exporter for easy access when completing the SED 7525 form.
  • AES electronic data interchange also known as EDA Files.