EDI Module

 The EAS Systems starts at the time where the exporter creates the commercial invoice. The EDI Client software is designed to automatic send an EDI request to be added in the ABI System.

The EDI server reviews the information and sends automated distributions of emails to notify the status of the shipment until the importation is certified and accepted by US Customs.

Once it is certified the EDI Server sends an automated email with the required customs forms in order to send the shipment to the port of importation.




The EDI Automated System Server Program

    Detects files received by EDI Broker and creates a Pre-file entry
    Generates a transmission file and wits for Customs responses
    Generates automated e-mails with the ABI Certification
    Attaches PDF file and sends the response from customs via e-mail


The EDI Automated System Broker Program

    Validates user, password, and EDI File
    Automatically detects files received by email or FTP
    Retrieves the files and sends them to the ABI Server
    Creates an automated e-mail if the information is valid


The EDI Automated System Client Program

    Allows direct connection to EDI Server (U.S. Broker)
    Contains user and password encryption
    Has FTP or Email Configuration
    Gives email notifications
    Detects and sends file to the EDI server with invoice attached (PDF) if provided by client software