Warehouse Control


The (WCS) Warehouse Control System is a fully featured inventory control program comprising a set of software modules that take care of all the functions required within a warehouse including Bonded and FTZ warehouse.

It is designed to be operated by warehouse/manufacturing personnel with a minimum amount of computer literacy while having sophisticated selection criteria for receiving and shipping of merchandise. 

The WCS is an inventory management system that tracks the movement of your inventory items from the moment they arrive to the moment that they ship to your customer.

The system allows the user to control multi-warehouses for commercial and service enterprises to have the best tools for the warehouse control. This increases productivity, efficiency, and keeping disposable merchandise information online. 


  • Complete Warehouse Control
  • Receiving and Shipping Ticket 
  • Warehouse Locations
  • Spend Less Time Finding Inventory
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Increase Inventory Accuracy
  • Optimize Warehouse Space
  • PDA Barcode Module
  • Customer Inventory Online Reports
  • ABI and InBond data interface
  • Print pallet identification labels