Reconciliation System

The Reconciliation Software allows you to file the special entry summary type "09" to US Customs. The ABI Suite Recon software allows providing the reconciliation criteria and the new values, and the Recon Software creates the Spreadsheet.


Special Features:

  • Prepares a Cost Submission report
  • Prepares a Reconciliation report that shows differences between original and reconciled values
  • Maintains Interest Rates
  • Handles Blanket Reconciliation
  • Warns when reconciliation deadline is approaching
  • Flag entry summaries
  • Setup-Up Indicators by Importer
  • Automatically Transfer ID to entry summary
  • Modify Entry Summary transmission.
  • Create Reconciliation Report (list entry summary flagged at U.S. Customs)
  • Validate Reconciliation Edits according to record - layout provided by U.S. Customs
  • Finds the entries that meet your criteria for the reconciliation entry
  • Retrieve flagged entries on database
  • Prorates up or down by dollar amount/percentage
  • Transmit file to customs using your ABI remote number
  • List reconciled entries by date
  • Create manual aggregate reconciliations