In compliance with the Trade Act of 2002, our E-Manifest with EDI capability introduces electronic filing of manifests, which offers the trade community increased efficiency by saving valuable time at the border, reducing processing time, and offering online status tracking within the ACE Secure Data Portal.

EDI is an electronic transmission of data directly from one computer system to another. Information sent to CBP via EDI will go through ACE to other systems where it  will be ananlyzed and processed.

Special Features:

  • Windows based usere friendly application
  • Create Un-associate shipments
  • Automated defaults by Carrier Code
  • User presets for Conveyances, Crew & Equipment
  • U.S. Customs Broker Entry Interface
  • Automate email notifications to a distribution group
  • MQX & VPN connection to CBP
  • Log of status of the shipments
  • Useful reports and queries
  • The United Nations Electronic Data Interchange for Administration Commerce and Transport (EDIFACT) and X12 formats
  • Proactive notification of CBP actions
  • Monitor status of trips and shipments
  • Print trips or shipments for retention to meet ACE requirements