The Accounts Receivables system provides for the creation, maintenance and inquiry of Accounts Receivable information. Easily post bill payments, create advance payments, create statements and run reports showing what amounts are still due. We try to make the billing process as automatic as possible and eliminate the repititiveness involved with invoicing. Our Invoicing system can be setup by adding automatic charges to your customers so when billing these charges are populated automatically for you. You can apply your payments received from your customers as a wire transfer, cash, check or credit card payment and be able to track these payments directly on your invoices. Invoice headers can be customized with company logo to personalize your Invoice.

 Special Features:

  • Track payments received for import or export invoices
  • Setup automatic charges for customer invoicing
  • Maintain payment history data for your customers
  • Customize invoices with company logo
  • Track invoice history
  • Manage partial payments applied to invoices
  • Create advances & credit memos for customer
  • Capability to link Accounts Receivable with Quickbooks using RBQBLink Interface